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What is Music Miles?

Music Miles is an exciting new app that serves as a loyalty and rewards program for music listeners! As a world first, Music Miles allows you to link your Spotify account (other streaming services to come!) to earn Music Miles points every time you listen to a song on any of the devices you use. As you accumulate points, you earn status levels, milestone badges, and track your listening behaviour. Then, your favourite artists can offer you rewards and benefits – think merch discounts, limited edition items, exclusive live streams, shows and meet-and-greets – that you can redeem using your Music Miles points. The more you listen, the more you can benefit!

How is Music Miles different to other music reward programs or contests?
Music Miles is simply connect and go – you have the freedom to stream music as you normally would, at any time, on any device. You earn points for every single artist you stream, not just those who have current promotions running. There are no contests with only one winner, everyone has an equal shot at getting a reward directly from their favourite artist. We won’t ask you to play games, answer trivia questions or jump through any other hoops to get your rewards – we don’t want you to change your behaviour, we just want to bring your favourite artists right to their biggest listeners!

What is Music Miles?

The Music Miles app is available to download for free from the App store or the Google Play store – just search ‘Music Miles’ and look for our orange-coloured logo.

Is Music Miles free to use?

Music Miles is completely free to use! In fact, once you’ve registered and connected your Spotify account, you don’t need to do anything further! Just keep listening to your favourite music on any device as you normally would.

What do I need to have to use Music Miles?

You will need to install the Music Miles app on either an iPhone or Android device (which requires approximately 50 MB of space), the latest operating system for your device, and a Spotify account.

How can I sign up for a Music Miles account?

Open the app, click ‘Sign up’, fill in your details and create a password. Alternatively you can use your Google or Facebook login to create an account instead.

Which streaming services does Music Miles work with?

Currently Music Miles links with Spotify accounts, but we are working on connecting other popular streaming services ASAP.

Can I use Music Miles with a free Spotify account?

Music Miles works with both free and premium Spotify accounts.

How do I connect my Spotify account to the Music Miles app?

After signing up for a Music Miles account, you’ll be taken to a Spotify permission screen where you give permission for the app to view the necessary Spotify stats from your account. That’s it!

Which languages is the Music Miles app available in?

Currently Music Miles is available in English, but we are working on rolling out the app in more languages soon.

Can I access Music Miles on a desktop?

Your Music Miles account, listening stats and artist rewards can only be accessed via the app for iPhone or Android, there is no desktop version at this time.


What will I be allowing Music Miles to do in my Spotify account once it’s connected?
Once connected, Music Miles will only be able to view your streaming activity within your Spotify account. It will pull information including the name and artist of each song you listen to and how many times you stream each song. It will use this data to assign you the correct amount of Music Miles points to the relevant artists.

Will you share or sell my data to anyone outside your company?
We will never sell or provide your data to any third party. The only time your information will be shared is when it’s necessary for the fulfilment of a reward you have redeemed from an artist. For more details, please review our privacy policy.

Are any of my personal or contact details shared with the artists or their teams?
In some circumstances your personal contact details may be shared with the artists or their team when you’ve redeemed a reward from them. For example, your name, address and phone number would be provided to deliver a merch item, your name and phone number would be provided for a guest list or meet & greet event, etc. But artists and their teams cannot see any of your personal details just by you streaming them while using the Music Miles app.

Why does the app ask to use my location?
Like a lot of apps, Music Miles will use your location data to tailor the experiences and rewards offered to you based on where you are in the world. Location information helps artists to offer rewards and experiences unique to your local area, for example, an artist could offer exclusive access to a meet & greet for a show in your city via Music Miles. However, if you are not comfortable sharing your location, the app will still function correctly.

Why does the app ask to use my location?
Like a lot of apps, Music Miles will use your location data to tailor the experiences and rewards offered to you based on where you are in the world. Location information helps artists to offer rewards and experiences unique to your local area, for example, an artist could offer exclusive access to a meet & greet for a show in your city via Music Miles. However, if you are not comfortable sharing your location, the app will still function correctly.

What else should I know when opening a Music Miles account?
Please review our complete terms & conditions.


How many points do I get per song I stream?

One song stream = 10 Music Miles points.

What is your definition of a stream to qualify for points?

You must stream a song for at least 30 seconds for it to count towards your points tally and status.

Do I earn points for streaming podcasts or other non-musical content on Spotify?

Currently our focus is solely on music and helping artists connect with and reward their biggest fans, so at this time, Music Miles points only relate to music streaming

Am I allowed to put a playlist on repeat without actually listening to the songs to earn points?

No, that’s not cool. We encourage users to listen to artists as much as possible, since this means more streaming revenue for artists! Playlists are the mixtape of the 21st century and are a great way to set up a list of favourite tracks. However, we would not encourage setting up looped tracks to play without actually listening to the songs because that goes against the spirit of what we’re trying to achieve with Music Miles.

Do my points contribute to a general total, or are they applied to the artist I streamed to earn them?

Music Miles points are earned on a per-artist basis, meaning when you listen to an artist’s song, that will accumulate towards points for that specific artist. These points will accumulate in your Music Miles wallet, and you’ll be able to see who your favourite artists are.

How do points work for tracks that are released by two or more artists, or have feature artists credited?

You earn Music Miles points for every artist on each track you stream. For example, if you listen to the song ‘Too Good’ by Drake feat. Rihanna, you will earn 10 points for Drake and 10 points for Rihanna.

Do I get points for referring other people to sign up to Music Miles?

This feature is coming soon!

How can I check my points balance?

Open the Music Miles app, sign in and you will see a list of your top 4 most streamed artists and beside them will be your points balance for each. Click ‘View all artists in your wallet’ to see how many points you have earned for every artist you have streamed – the list is ordered from highest to lowest.

How often are my points in the app updated with my most recent streaming activity?

Streaming activity is updated on Music Miles roughly every 6 hours.

How can I use or spend my points?

Points can redeemed for rewards offered by your favourite artists. The Offers tab on the main app screen will display current offers available to you, or use the Search screen in the app to find rewards from specfic artists.

How will I know when an artist I listen to has released a new reward?

We’ll send you a notification in the app every time an artist you listen to releases a new reward you may be eligible to redeem. Click the heart icon to save any reward offer to your profile so you can easily find it again when you want to redeem it.

What can I do if I don’t have enough points to redeem for the reward I want?

We offer the ability to top-up your points by using the ‘Buy Points’ button at the top of your Music Miles wallet. This enables you to purchase extra points that are unallocated to an artist. You can then use these extra points to make up the difference for any reward from an artist that you don’t have enough earned points to redeem.

Can I use points I earned by streaming one artist on redeeming a reward from a different artist?

Music Miles was designed to allow artists to reward their listeners directly, so points earned for an artist are only able to be used to redeem rewards from that artist.

What can I do if I have enough points to redeem a reward I want, but don't have the status required? Can I buy Silver, Gold or Platinum status with an artist?

Status levels can only be earned by streaming that artist, so if you haven’t achieved the level required for a reward you want, you’ll need to keep listening to their music until you do.

When I purchase points, can I use them on a reward from any artist, or do I have to choose the artist I want to use them on at time of purchase?

When points are purchased, they are not allocated to a particular artist and are stored at the top of your Music Miles wallet. This allows you the flexibility to use those points to redeem rewards from any artist on Music Miles!

Can I get a refund for points I’ve purchased but no longer want to use?

Purchased points are non-refundable, however they do not expire and you can use them to redeem rewards from any artist.

Do purchased points ever expire?

Purchased points do not expire. They will remain at the top of your wallet in the app until you decide to use them.

What payment methods do you accept for buying points?

You can purchase points via Apple Pay or Google Pay within the Music Miles app.

What currency are points sold in?

Points will be priced in your domestic currency.

Does the money go to the artist when I buy points?

Yes! The majority of the money goes to the artist directly, minus fees.

What if the artists I stream the most don't have any rewards to redeem my points for?

We are currently on an expansion drive to actively onboard as many artists as possible to the platform so that your earned Music Miles points can be utilised with the artists you love.

Can I give or donate my points to someone else?

As the concept of Music Miles is for artists to directly reward their top listeners, points cannot be donated or transferred to another account

My points don’t seem to be increasing by the right amount when I’m streaming - how can I contact you for support?

Please give the app 24 hours to display the correct amount of points. If after that time you believe there is a technical issue with your points acquisition, please contact us at Please note: If you change your Spotify password, you will need to reconnect your account with the app to continue earning points. Please email us at to facilitate this for you.

Can you apply points to my account for streams from before I became a Music Miles user?

Unfortunately not, but you will start to earn points as soon as you have a registered Music Miles account linked to your Spotify account.

Who can I contact if a reward I redeemed isn’t delivered as described or not delivered at all?

For any issues on reward fulfillment, please contact us at

Who can I contact if I arrive at an event I’ve redeemed a reward for and there’s a problem with my entry or something else at the venue?

For any issues on reward fulfillment, please contact us at

Can I get a refund of my points if I am unhappy with the reward or it isn’t delivered as described?

Redeemed rewards are non-refundable, but if your reward is not delivered as described in the offer, please contact us at


How do I achieve Silver, Gold or Platinum status for an artist? How long do I have to collect points to achieve a certain status?
You must earn 1,000 pts to achieve Silver status (100 artist streams), 5,000 pts to achieve Gold status (500 artist streams) and 10,000 pts to achieve Platinum status (1,000 artist streams).

How long do I keep my Silver, Gold or Platinum status for an artist once I've earned it?
Once you reach Silver, Gold or Platinum status for an artist, you will keep that status for 3 months, unless you maintain or increase your listening for that artist, in which case you will keep or increase your status level.

What are the benefits of being a Silver, Gold or Platinum listener?
The higher your status, the more exclusive the rewards on offer. Artists have the option to tailor their rewards and benefits to each status level, and may also offer free or limited edition exclusive rewards to higher status fans only. You’ll also get a status achievement badge to share on Instagram!

What are the types of achievment badges I can earn on Music Miles?
Currently you have the ability to earn the following achievement badges for your listening habits

– Hour of power – achieved when you listen to the same artist continuously for an hour or more

– 5 and 7-day listening streak – achieved when you listen to an artist every day for 5 or 7 days in a row

– Genre badges – achieved once you’ve earned Silver status or higher for three or more artists of the same genre. Genre badges include: Pop, Punk, Rap, Indie, Metal, Dance, Rock, Country, Latin & Reggae (NOTE: genres are determined by Spotify).

How do I share achievement badges that I’ve earned to social media?

Any badge in your profile can be shared by simply clicking on the badge and then clicking on the share symbol in the top right corner of the screen.

Can I share my status for an artist on social media if I earn Silver, Gold or Platinum?

Yes, you will earn a badge in your profile once you’ve achieved a new status level for an artist and can share the badge in an Instagram Story from the Profile screen in the Music Miles app.

What should I tag when I post about Music Miles?





Who created Music Miles?

Music Miles was created by co-founders Rowan Robinson and Spencer Davey.

Why did you create Music Miles?

The philosophy behind Music Miles was to create a platform that brings artists and their biggest fans together. Artists receive information about where their most dedicated fans are and what they most like to stream which can help them plan their tours and new releases, and listeners get rewarded for their loyalty and time spent with their favourite artists’ music as the soundtrack to their lives!

I have an idea for the app or want to share some feedback - how can I contact you?

We welcome feedback! Please share comments and ideas with

I have a question that’s not answered here - how can I contact Music Miles directly for help?

Please contact us at with any questions not answered here.

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